The Evolution of Harleen Quinzel to Harley Quinn

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The Evolution of Harley Quinn

At first Harley was a psychiatrist living a normal life, with a normal family, but after interacting with the joker, she became an entirely different person, Now though she’s a “criminal” look past her being a criminal, she became highly skilled at combat, using weapons, & virtually fearless Strangely enough she became a better person. The Joker made her better person. Though she gave up her life having the great job, great family, picked fenced life, she got light years more being a “criminal”

Today we fear evolving ourselves If I had a dollar every time a woman complained about “wanting a good man” “wanting somebody to care for me” (the usual code words) etc I’d be a millionaire right now. Emotionally Women mean it but & instinctually they don’t because the system of economics & fear kicks in so instead of wanting a good man to spend their life with, helping each other evolve to a higher lever mentally & spiritually instead, women break, & go for the base desires, good looks, good car, good job, good in bed that’s it……life’s over & she’ll spend the next 40 years staring at the window asking yourself stupid questions, Why is there so much suffering in the world, what’s the meaning of life, & of course what did I ever see in him…….Well you choose that path